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Florals at F21

Ahh, the life of a college student – especially one without a job. It’s no wonder F21 is so common among teenagers and young adults; their clothes are super affordable… but you do pay for what you get. I actually wrote a newspaper article for our school paper on the quality of F21 and the sweatshops… but I’ll save that for another time. I bought these two items using their 20% off Family & Friends Discount. Also, don’t forget to check their SALE items – they are usually 50% off ! Of course, you’re going to have to fight through crowds of people and mountains of clothes… but it’s worth it.

I also have an event on Sunday for Serene Sky, where I’ll be doing lots of fun stuff, I seriously can’t wait! I’ll be helping take over their IG, taking photos at the event, and also will be able to blog about it in the future. So stay tuned for some updates on that!


Shorts: 13.80


The colors are so vibrant on these shorts, they are a great steal. The quality isn’t too bad either, I can’t wait to wear them this Sunday!


Like the little detail at the bottom, usually shorts this cheap are just plain and simple. It really stood out to me.

Floral Top: 14.80


I actually bought this as a gift for my friend. The colors don’t look that great in this picture, but everyone loves it! It’s extremely flowy and not too short (I really dislike short tops).  You really can’t see the detail on the back (sorry I’m in a rush, lots of chores and I have to get ready) but the straps are so cute!


Till next time! 


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