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What I’ve been eating.



I’ve been eating oatmeal everyday for the past four days!

An accomplishment indeed, especially since I hated oatmeal.


Whole wheat pita bread, cilantro and chive yogurt dip, my freshly made oatmeal (maple brown and sugar), PENNYWORTH Juice and Coconut water. 

Trader Joe’s Oatmeal & Pure Coconut Water


Maple Brown and Sugar Oatmeal: Tastes delicious! Seriously. Although my sister complains that its a bit sweet, add a bit more water into it then! I hate hate hate oatmeal but maybe because I never got the right one… I seriously have cravings for this. 


I usually eat two eggs for breakfast, drink some coffee but this makes me feel already full. It does have quite a bit of sugar though…. but it does decent on the other vitamins. Plus, it’s low in calories! 


Bubbling after boiling water is poured into it, in about three or four minutes – it’ll be done and perfect!


For Lunch, I have one Pita Bread & the Dip.

This tastes better than the oatmeal (well, of course) and thanks to the oatmeal – one is enough! I toast it and spread the dip all over it, and close it like a taco shell.

The Coconut water is super healthy… and tastes great.

I tried the other coconut waters and they didn’t taste as great. This one def beats all the others, in terms of ingredients and taste.

IMG_0076 IMG_0077

I like how there’s only two ingredients listed!

Also, I’m super excited for the weekend! I’ll have plenty of pics up from Knotts Berry Farm & an event Serene Sky is hosting which is called Welcome Summer! 





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  1. OMG Diana you are sooooo healthy!!!! I’ve been so terrible, eating cheesecakes and eating out at unhealthy food courts all the time!!! :(:( I find that with busy work comes the schedule of constantly eating out… but i know that’s not an excuse so thanks for sharing your post I’mma go eat some veggies now!!! ❤

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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