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A Day at Knott’s Berry Farm

Spending the Day at Knott’s Berry Farm

This is going to be a pretty Pic Heavy post because I took so many pictures and had lots of fun! Not as many pictures as my Disneyland Posts though, because Knott’s is smaller and we only went on One Ride! I’ll keep the ride a secret… but it involves all of us getting dunked in water! Luckily, my dad bought four tickets for us valued at 25 dollars each! Why so cheap? It was for Delta’s Company Picnic! 

A pic of me and my sister, just in case you guys are staring to forget what I look like!

Seriously, Delta’s Company picnic rocks! I always enjoy going because we get tons of food, and get to have free entrance to the park! Also, we get raffle prizes, etc. So, it was lots of fun!Usually, the picnic is across the street at the picnic area… but today we found out that the Picnic was actually inside the park! 


America’s first theme park… we were too excited!



Vent about the rude man at the front…

So here we were, elated to finally find the ball room, when we heard the man in front of us (who was rudely cutting people might I add) ask the worker, “So, is this a picnic or what?!” In a very rude tone. The worker politely informed him that it was a PRIVATE COMPANY picnic, but he asked, “So what is this company?” Needless to say… the name is on the outside. He basically thought that it was a show and the worker wasn’t letting him in ON PURPOSE. Who would do that? Another lady approached him and slowly explained it to him but he harassed her also (she was a guest at the event); he didn’t understand why he and his family couldn’t attend the event.  I don’t understand some people, I was going to explain to him so he wouldn’t harass the worker again but the line moved up and he ended up leaving… thank goodness!

On to the event… 



There was actually another level that you can’t really catch a glimpse of. This picnic seemed a little smaller than the previous years but this was the first time it was actually indoors!


The food line. Everyone was very hungry at this time but thankfully it was buffet style.


There were two rows, so I was in the first row. I have plenty of food pictures… but I don’t want to bore you guys.


Coleslaw, Salad, Hot Dog, Burger, Corn, etc.

We even got a visit from Snoopy himself!

That’s right! Admist the raffle prizes and the family competitions, Delta announced that we would be getting a visit from Snoopy. I never actually got a picture with Snoopy… getting a picture with him is like getting a picture with Mickey – It involves waiting in line for hours. Thankfully, we only waited about 2 minutes and got to snap this photo with him! (I’m the one taking the pic hehe)

I also participated in a contest and won!! I took home a Delta Sweater and a goodie bag. Brandon also had a DANCE OFF against 7 other guys! I have it all on film 😉 



The company also gave us dessert (along with their wonderful pie)!


Sorry for the crappy photo, but the person at the ice cream stand was so nice!

Time to explore the park..


Sure wish I could go on this ride…. just kidding!



My favorite show… Snoopy on Ice! 


This show is great for children and even adults! Highly recommend it, we loved it so much we wanted to go a second round. I give it a 10/10! It’s filled with tricks, great music and girls on ropes… (?) I really can’t go into details.








Who knew Snoopy was so fun? He’s a DJ, a painter, a baker, and even a magician!

Thunder Rapids! 

I have to admit, I was worried because I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, this ride got a 5 rating, which is AGGRESSIVE THRILL . But, it really wasn’t… it was a 2 rating (even a 1 rating)… we did get really wet though. Check out these pictures! Doesn’t it look so fun? The wait was about 30 minutes though…. and the ride was about 5 minutes? Maybe even less… but I would go on it again!



Log Ride

I didn’t go on this one… the wait would be an hour so we ended up just walking around.


That’s it for now! Off to do some more design work for our event tomorrow! 



  1. TheCatssMeoww says

    That looks like so much fun! I love all the cute pictures.

  2. I love the water rides… It’s a must for me from now on since I don’t like the big scary roller coasters either.

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