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What I did – 4th of July!

Preparing for the 4th Of July ! 

Hopefully you guys all had an amazing weekend filled with lots of BBQed food and drinks! Usually, July 4th isn’t that big of a deal for me… my parents and I just spend it at the beach watching fireworks. This year was different, I got to celebrate July 4th with Brandon and it was preeetttyyy amazing! He surprised me by taking me to the Marriott hotel near Disneyland. Our original plans were to go to Disney but our plans got ruined… nonetheless, we had a great night! We ate in, watched some Key & Peele, and had the time of our lives! 

Marriott hotel

IMG_0015 IMG_0023IMG_0028


Remember my spa water post? Their water was especially tasty.

This is the first time we stayed at the Marriott hotel; Brandon usually gets the Hyatt or Holiday Inn. Out of all the hotels I would say this is one of the nicest rooms we’ve gotten (behind the Omni). The price was pretty affordable also. Although the room was really nice, the scenery and surroundings couldn’t compete with the Hyatt or Holiday Inn but it wasn’t too bad. Guest services was really nice and (I think) gave us an upgrade, so our room was amazing! Another positive thing I liked about the room was that there were plenty of towels, usually we have to request extra towels. 

Our Room!



We had so many doors! This led to the bedroom.



The view in the morning was decent.


I really do like how they had so many couches and different types of chairs (not pictured).

IMG_0085 IMG_0087

Another door led to the bathroom.


Marriott hotel

The adventure continues… we headed back to his house. His best friend was visiting for the weekend (from Texas) so I made sure they had plenty of time together! We celebrated with my favorite drink : Cactus Coolers! & headed to the pool for a swim. It was 100 degrees this weekend, so the setting was just perfect!


Best friends make sure the other always has a cold beer in hand..


I didn’t bring my swimsuit so I was forced to watch them wade around in the cool pool!




We also had bacon wrapped hotdogs! There was so much food, I made sure to eat everything. Spent the next morning going to the Hat and having their huge fries. We only took three bites because we also ordered a sandwich. As I’m writing this post, I’m eating Oatmeal because I’ve been a very bad girl (food wise).


Look how big it is compared to my fist!!!

Anyway, hope you guys had fun and can’t wait to read everyone’s post on what they did this past weekend! Love you all! 

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