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D.I.Y Aloe Vera Mask


I like Aloe Vera; unsurprisingly I use it more during the summer than any other season. Why? Because I am prone to sunburns! If you’ve been forgetting your sunscreen and need something to help soothe those red rashes or burns, then Aloe Vera is perfect for you. It’s no wonder many companies sell Aloe Vera “Aftersun” Gel.

So, how is Aloe Vera great for your skin? Aloe vera has plenty of vitamins, etc but for the purpose of this post I will focus only on its skin benefits. It’s great for healing burns or scars; relieves itching and soothes skin (which is why it’s used to treat sunburns), and it’s also 99% water so that means its very moisturizing for your skin! It also reduces inflammation I was tired of all the other Aloe Vera gels that I was buying, it had too many chemicals in it and didn’t work as well – so luckily my parents began to plant Aloe Vera in our backyard! 


I actually have some more in the front yard. Here is 3 next to each other, and look at how many branches there are!



1. I like to cut off a little piece like so. Usually the larger it is, the better. The edges are pointy, so watch out!


2. Slice of the edges and also start skinning the outside. It’s okay if it’s not close enough – because we will be using the outside first.


3. Ahh, look at the inside! Can’t wait to use this on my body! Take out a container to hold your Aloe Vera.



4. Start slicing off the inside to put in your container. 



You’re done! 

 Store in your fridge and you’re able to use the Aloe Vera for a week!! I like to use the outside first, which means that I will rub the remaining Aloe Vera on my face – while putting the container in the fridge. I love how the icy cold Aloe Vera feels on my skin on a hot summer day! Also, you can either wash it off or leave it on – I usually wash it off though. In order to apply, just take it out of the fridge, grab a piece (wash your hands first), and then spread it all over your face. 

Hope you liked it!

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  1. I envy your aloe vera plants! I also have one at home, but I got the smaller variety. Thinking of getting the huge ones as well.

    We’ve always used them as a hair tonic, but I’ll try making a mask. 🙂

  2. ThriftToBeauty says

    This is cool! My skin would be finding this cool too! Thank you for sharing!! I need to look for an aloe vera plant soon!

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