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Are you wedding Obsessed? Then is perfect for you!



I got invited to take the style quiz at is a website for people who are “engaged, brides, or just anyone wedding obsessed!” Since I fit the last option (I mean, who doesn’t dream or plan out their perfect wedding? Is it just me?), I was excited to test out the site and see what it was all about. It makes it easier to find wedding dresses, and ideas for your wedding – whether its in a few days, a year or even further ahead! When you first visit the website, you are greeted with the “Style Quiz” which is quick and actually fun to do! & Don’t worry, it’s only 5 easy questions! The questions range from : What is your wedding dress style, to where you want to get married.


There were just so many options to explore, lucky for us – You have your own personalized page! I really loved everything on my personalized page. This is similar to pinterest, you click on a photo and it directs you to the original link! If you use pinterest, I actually prefer this over it. The photos are better quality, and you can even shop around on here!



Wedding Chicks – Start your wedding day in the sweetest way possible!

Lovely photo right? I love the arrangement, and the sweets are just so cute – I wouldn’t know whether to save it or eat it! I love Candid shots and the bride looks so happy with her best friends, it makes me excited for my wedding.

You can check out other brides gallery (like pinterest) or pin your own items into your “bundle”. I love the planning section though because it gives me a look at what other brides plan to do or what things I should buy for my wedding.

Β Untitled-5

Look how easily everything is set up! You have ideas, How To Guides and plenty of others. I used the Wedding 101 the most, and also Travel. I want to know what other types of Destinations there is to go on, lately I’ve been debating about Xiaxue’s Greece Wedding… but that’s a bit far for me and $$$$$$.


I’m a huge DIY person and love to design my own cards, so this section is perfect for me to gather ideas. My favorite one would be in the middle, simple and girly. Pink is always a fan favorite, at least for me.


Also, be prepared to be jealous at all the wonderful weddings that brides are having all over the country! I couldn’t stop looking at this page. To see some dresses and gather ideas from the dresses, make sure you click:

View Dresses Here

Hope you guys check it out and get planning ❀


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