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Published on Feminspire!


Untitled-2It was 3 a.m. and I couldn’t sleep. My sleeping schedule is completely messed up thanks to Game Of Thrones – I watch up to 10 episodes in a day. So, after writing a blog post that was inspired by recent events, I debated upon posting it on here. I love writing, I really do but sometimes I prefer to keep my blog lighthearted, before I would post up “late night posts” but those didn’t really quite recieve any attention so I decided to look for another source.

I searched the internet for popular “womens online magazines” or “Blogs for women” before I stumbled upon Feminspire. After reading a few posts about Love and relationships I contacted them at 3:30 am and submitted my document. I didn’t think anything would happen of it but in the morning I woke up to an email saying that they were going to publish it! It’s actually been published a few days ago but I had so many things to update you guys on… so here it is!




It’s still available on the first page! Happy reading ❀

Read it Here


  1. Madeline says

    Wow congrats! I hope you make more posts on dating advice. I suck at relationships haha

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