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Slowly Learning… photoshoot at Corona del Mar

IMG_0385 edit


Behind the Scenes at Corona Del Mar

I’ve worked in Newport Beach before, but have never gone to any beach near there. Actually, I’m not a beach gal – I hate the beach, the sand, basically almost everything about it except for the salty air. Weird right? Maybe I take it for granted since I used to live about a 15 minute walking distance from it but what can I say? You wouldn’t find me anywhere near there.

It was a very last minute shoot, we were supposed to go to the Dog Park & take pictures. My friend’s friend is a professional photographer and always goes on shoots so he offered to teach me how to use my old camera a Canon 9g. So, off I went… to a guy’s house that I never met more than 2 times, luckily my friend offered to come along.

The drive was about 40 minutes and he posted on FB asking if anyone wanted to model and these two girls came along. They were friendly, about 19 and very hyper… and I thought I was hyper. But, it was very fun! I mean, not only am I chubby – I’m also short so climbing the rocks were extra hard for me.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now… enjoy the pictures!





Too lazy to edit, but this house was really nice.


IMG_0404 edit

IMG_0408 edit

IMG_0424 edit IMG_0425 edit

IMG_0446 edut


I also learned how to use a reflector today 🙂

IMG_0450 edited

IMG_0455 editIMG_0474 edit

We were able to climb up here and see a completely secluded area!

IMG_0466 edit IMG_0481 edit

IMG_0457 edit

My favorite picture. 

As you can tell, I didn’t really do that much shooting of the actual model because I don’t want to show their faces up close, so it was more behind the scenes. Hope you enjoy these pictures!


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