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What I did this weekend: Neweggs Company Picnic + Tandem Bike Riding



What I did this weekend: Newegg Picnic & Tandem Riding!

Got to spend my weekend at Newegg’s picnic. We went last year also, but this year (in my opinion) was so much better! Brandon didn’t agree, but trust me… I know what I’m talking about. We had unlimited all you can drink cha4tea (usually about 4 bucks a drink), unlimited sweets: cotton candy, kettle corn, and ice cream. Lots of food: Asian food & American food: nachos, pork, tacos, salads.

Tandem bike riding was so fun! It was only 15 dollars an hour and we got to ride it alongside the Beach, it was a great workout!

Untitled-1 fun

IMG_0074 edit

IMG_0089 edit

To see where I got my bike at and other pictures from the picnic, check below the cut!

IMG_0055 edit

IMG_0056 edit

Super love the fact that they gave us cans of soda, instead of pouring it out themselves!

IMG_0057 edit

There was a face painting booth so all the little ones were super happy! Asian food tent.

IMG_0060 edit

Look at how much Pork Meat is in here!!!

IMG_0062 edit

IMG_0064 edit

IMG_0065 edit

American line: Beef & Chicken Tacos & Nachos

IMG_0066 edit

IMG_0068 edit

IMG_0070 edit

Super big no no to leave all of these dressings & etc outside, but oh well :X

IMG_0071 edit

Done eating… now time to play.

IMG_0083 edited





IMG_0090 edit

IMG_0092 edit

No one usually poses (I just snap their photo without their consent) but this guy did ^_^

IMG_0093 edit

Cha4Tea Line..

IMG_0094 edit

IMG_0095 edit

IMG_0096 edit

As long as I get my mango green tea… I’m good!

IMG_0097 edit

IMG_0103 edit

All the goodies from Newegg.

Tandem Bike Riding Time!

Perfect for romantic dates and whatnot (but be sure to wear exercise clothes). We rented our bikes atΒ Belmont Shore under “Fun Rentals” at only 15 dollars an hour. Brandon wanted to bike all the way to Huntington Beach…nope, does he not realize how far that is?!?! Be sure to get there latest at 7 PM, it says they close at 7 PM but we hurried there and they told us that they actually close at 8 (last time to get bikes is at 7PM).



  1. Hey girl your outing looks so fun! I’ve never tried tandem bikes before, it sure looks like a great way to explore a place with friends and family! πŸ™‚

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