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Anaheim Packing House & The Kroft Review

Anaheim packing house


A little late to the party… but I finally got to visit Anaheim Packing House!

If you guys have been seeing “Pop bar” photos all over your Instagram and facebook, then this is the place that everyone has been visiting! Brandon and I stopped by to grab lunch and we were very surprised. We dressed in comfy clothes (Brandon was wearing basketball shorts) and I was dressed in yoga pants – although we were very very underdressed. Parking was horrible, so expect to park in the neighborhood & walk. 

I would like to mention as a PSA it is very hipsterish, Brandon even made a comment about that. I guess it’s not too bad because I was able to take photos without being embarassed (everyone had their DSLRs out). I got to snap as many pictures as I wanted to, but most of them are not shown here because it’s too blurry. It was very crowded, so if you don’t like crowds try to go on a weekday.

IMG_0492 edit


List of all the food places inside

IMG_0496 edit

Live band plays on weekends! I love this little setup.

IMG_0549 edit

We approached this wonderful view.

The Hammer


The hammer

Of course, Brandon couldn’t resist an ice cold IPA.

Anaheim packing house

Anaheim packing house

Anaheim packing house

IMG_0510 edit


Anaheim packing house

cute benches

Lots of seating, how’s this for a business meeting?

Anaheim packing house


Seating upstairs also.

IMG_0546 edit

The Kroft


All my friends ate here and there were amazing reviews on Yelp so we went to the Kroft. The place is tiny, but then again… most places in here were. We got the Chicken sandwich & the Classi (?) Poutine. Only 25 dollars with a beer.

the kroft

The kroft fries


Hope you guys liked this post, and will be able to visit it soon!


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