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LA EATS { Seongbukdong }

Seongbukdong Review 

Korean Food

3303 W 6th St

Los Angeles, CA 90020

Koreatown, Wilshire Center

So, before we had dessert at the wonderful Caffe Bene  we got to go eat Lunch here. My friend yelped it and it had great reviews, two of the most famous dishes were the “Braised Short Rib & Mackerel”. Yelp also claimed that there was always a long wait, so we were pretty excited to go! I wanted KBBQ but since we were in KTOWN, we decided to have korean food that we wouldn’t be able to get in Cerritos or Anaheim.



No wonder Yelp said this place always had a long wait… it is tiny! But everything about it was very homely and comfortable so I can’t really complain.


The food


You probably can’t tell from this picture (or maybe you can) but the Braised short rib was pretty small. The server even told us it was fit for ONE PERSON. Guess how much it was? It was like 33 dollars! Sorry, but it reminded me of Bo Kho or something. It was really good though, but I would only be willing to pay 15 dollars for it TOPS. 


  Bibimbap! My first time trying this and I was not impressed. It wasn’t on YELP but I found the whole “mixed rice in a stone pot” very inviting and different. The flavor wasn’t there, and the best party about it was the egg… I could barely taste the pork that was supposed to be in there. It was about 11 dollars I believe.


How does this look? Not very good right? I feel bad for giving this restaurant a bad review but out of the 20 reviews I’ve written, this is like the second bad review I’ve ever given! I’m a decent fish person, I’ll eat it at the dinner table but I wouldn’t go and order it. The kimchi was decent but the fish was just bad. Maybe we ordered the wrong thing since there was kimchi in it. Either way, I won’t be back. It was about 20 bucks.

Overall, the bill was 80 bucks. I won’t be back, but I guess it was good to try it out. If you have money to spend then I would recommend going elsewhere, I don’t know what all the hype is about. 

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