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Spoiled for my 22nd birthday!



I’m finally 22!!!

It was super fun and I was surprised by how many people showed up, I’m feeling very loved and blessed! We decided to host it at Lazy Dog since they have the best happy hour hehe, and 20 of my close friends showed up :). I got spoiled by all of my friends hehe, click read more for all the birthday gifts! For pictures of my actual birthday, I’m waiting on a photographer friend 🙂

birthday gifts

birthday cake

Seriously the most delicious cake ever. I got so many compliments on it haha but my sister was the one who bought it for me 🙂


Brandon’s gift for me, he told me to open it at the dinner so I tried to wait patiently. His mother helped him wrap it! haha.

No photos of the actual party yet, since I’m waiting on my photographer friend.


Nektar Cleanse!!! Ahh, I’ve been hearing so many good things about this cleanse and how it really works.

I was super surprised and happy that I got this gift from my friends.  I won’t be actually drinking this until AFTER my birthday weekend since I’ll be on “vacation”.


A book thats perfect for my upcoming study abroad in Hong Kong! I also always needed a new wallet & this personalized bracelet is oh so cute.


Brandon’s gift! I mentioned this gift about a year ago when we were at Urban and I told him how cute the cameras were. “If they’re cheap buy them for me !” Since they were 100 dollars there or even more since they’re 100 now.

11 13

I opened the card and it said to look on the back… so I was presented with this coaster. Yay, we are going to go to San Diego on Thursday & Friday!!! We ate at this restaurant for his birthday in December and it was amazing. Review is on my blog!


He actually bought this from an Etsy shop! How cute is this? Its a travel journal.16

Of course, the pink instax!


My girlfriend spoiled me with this cute floral outfit since I probably won’t be able to fit into any of the clothes in Hong kong.


She also gave me that personalized hat (that I promised her I will wear in Hong Kong around Christmas)

and the hell kitty set was from my two guy friends.


& this lovely gift from one of my closest girlfriends!

I was also gifted a new galaxy by my sister with data!! Did you guys know that this is my first time having data? I never had Data before!! So of course, I’m super excited! 

A big thank you to all of my friends who came to celebrate with me on my big / special day. I will miss all of you so so so much when I go to Hong Kong!! 


  1. Happy birthday Diana! What fun gifts you got! Love the pink camera from Urban, and such cuteness with those hello kitty items 🙂 – Lena

  2. Caryl says

    Happy Birthday Diana!! You’ve got yourself some amazing presents! I love the camera, very cute! 🙂
    Caryl x -

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