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{ Blogger Tutorials } Instagram Tips

Instagram Tips

ig example

If you guys have been following my pictures on Instagram, you guys can see that they have significantly improved. Here are a few of my newer Instagram Photos. Some of these tips can be applied to regular photographs that you will upload onto your blog. Below will be what some other bloggers use to improve their pictures, whether it’s APPS for your phone, photography tips, or even software that you can download onto your computer.

What I use 

Gramblr – Gramblr is pretty great. I download it onto my computer. Biggest benefit? I am able to take photos with my camera which results in higher quality photos and better editing due to photoshop. What I dislike about it is the fact that every photo has to be : 650 x 650 and that I can’t have a long caption. 

Tips From Fashion Bloggers

Check out what these other popular bloggers use!

1. Kryz uy’s 10 Instatips on getting that perfect instagram photosI was just wondering what apps Kryz Uy uses on her wonderful photos; but that post will be coming another time. She lists her favorite TIPS on how to get a perfect photo such as: be Candid, or pay attention to the background!

2. Fashion Blogger { Song Of Style } Instagram Tips. I watched this a while back and it inspired me to make this post, albeit a month late. I learned to stand on chairs and use Brandon’s light app because of it. Watch it 🙂

pink diary

The Pink Diary’s instagram photos.

3. The Pink Diary’s Instagram Fashion Tips – I love all her Instagram photos, they are super super super cute! Her list is short, but very simple and if you’re an admirer then you will take these tips to heart.

Apps to use

This list is a work in progress.

1. Afterlight – Used by most fashion bloggers, this can be purchased for $1. I actually am planning on purchasing it also! I love how you can change the shape of your photos and the filters seem more professional than Instagram’s preset filters. afterlight

2. Whitagram – It lets use resize the photos so it will be able to fit inside the Instagram square. I actually never knew about this until I wrote this post, so now I know what to use instead of trying to resize it on photoshop!


Are there any apps that you guys use? 


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