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Nekter Juice Cleanse Review


 I got this as a gift for my birthday after hearing many people rave about it, thank you Cuong + Mai! I really didn’t know what to expect except it is pretty pricey, it is 48 dollars for this “classic cleanse”. Many of my friends go on the 3 day cleanse which is a whopping $144 dollars! But, for now – this one day cleanse is good enough.


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A lot of work…

Reading all the directions and preparation def scared me! It seemed like a lot of work and honestly, I just wanted to get it over with. Be warned, your cleanse will expire (my date was 8/18) so I had to do it before then. Make sure your fridge is cool and shake before drinking!!!

The taste


Classic Cleanse Drink 1

When I first drank the first sip, I said, “Wow, this isn’t TOO bad.” After drinking it halfway, I just didn’t want to drink it anymore! You can taste the sourness of the lime, and the cucumber and kale takes over most of the flavors. It just tasted very very …. sour. I actually lost my appetite because of it and didn’t want to drink the second one! After drinking it, I felt pretty weak.Maybe because my liver is “detoxing.” Drank at 12:30.

drink 2

Classic Cleanse Drink 2

I’m literally praying that this drink will be better than the first one. Only 3 flavors so that shouldn’t be too bad right? OMG, how yummy! You can really taste the coconut water in this one and the pineapple! I usually love cucumbers, but after this cleanse.. maybe not so much because you can taste a little bit of the sourness that goes with the cucumber. Okay, I’m halfway done now… maybe “yummy” was a bit of an overstatement. It’s drinkable compared to the other one, but it’s not that yummy. But, think about all the good that is happening inside your stomach right now and just bear with it. Finished at 2:25 

drink 3

Drink 3

I’ve actually opened this drink about 15 minutes ago, and after taking one sip.. it’s still on my desk. This drink is horrible, it’s even more sour than the first drink. I actually didn’t think any drink could be worse than that one first drink… but this one is!!! Now, time to watch “How I met your mother” and try to swallow this down.

drink 4

Drink 4

I can def see the cayenne peppers in this drink. Hopefully the agave nectar will make it taste a bit more sweet (since there’s the dreaded lemon). Blehhh, first sip reminded me of a very sour sour lemonade but the after taste is spicy (just a little) due to the peppers. It gets a bit better after drinking it for a while, your taste buds begin to adjust. Don’t worry though, the aftertaste isn’t as bad after a while.

drink 5

Drink 5

Yay! I’m almost done! But contrary to what nekter said, this drink is not a “tasty” one. I’m sorry, but it’s like the same drink as the first one or even the third. By this time, everything is tasting the same. I wish it was more sweet but its just still sour. I’ll suck it up though.

drink 6

Last drink!

Cheers! I’m done! This drink of course isn’t as bad as the others since it’s supposed to be dessert. The vanilla bean makes it taste better (thank god… no more sourness). It’s pretty yummy actually. 

& the next morning…

I woke up today at 10 AM, feeling very refreshed and not needing my alarm to wake me up. One of the first things I did was…. chores! I actually didn’t stay in bed, gathered up all my laundry and bed sheets and threw them in the washer and dryer. After that, I took a morning shower (something I rarely do), and wrote down a to do list for the whole day. I feel refreshed, my skin looks better (even after my shower) – usually it’s red from the heat and water; and I’m not hungry at all! I even touched my tushy and was amazed to find it more firm 😛 Okay, it was (wasn’t?)  firm but I don’t think it was thanks to the juice since I haven’t been doing any squats for like… 3 months!  Overall, I think it works on my energy level and I actually slept like at 1 am last night, so that was good? It didn’t do anything for my waistline though, but I do believe I’m too far gone! 


1. Were you hungry?

No, I wasn’t hungry; I would say I got a bit tired of just drinking juices. I had a granola bar & corn.

2. Did you have to use the restroom a lot?

Yes, but you can still go out.

3. Did it work?

It works on energy and I do believe it really detox your body. On my waistline though, I really didn’t see an improvement.

4. Would you recommend it?

Yes, I think people should try it. Maybe the 3 day one if they really want to make a difference, but I know it’s very pricey. But I do think you can make it at home (read last question).

5. Would you buy it again?

No, because drinking this has really opened my eyes to the lifestyle changes I need to do. One day cleanse won’t help me, a three day cleanse won’t help me either. It would be better to buy a juicer and juice it yourself, I 100% believe you can drink the same thing at home. I mean, it lists the ingredients there for goodness sakes! And honestly, the drinks aren’t good- so juice it yourself and don’t add sugar!!! 

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