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Argan Magic Luxurious Hydration Moisturizer Review

Argan magic

It’s been a while since I was able to review a product, but after running out of my moisturizer I decided to try something new. I usually tend to stay away from scented moisturizers or any moisturizer that claims to do things for your skin as I already use serums and don’t want to overwhelm my skin. But, since I’m out of moisturizer & serum from Makeupartistchoice… I was left with this.


In the picture I accidentally put way too much but just put a pea sized amount onto your skin and spread it evenly. I love how it spreads so easily + dries quickly. Also, it doesn’t cause me any breakouts at all and the smell is nice (though if you don’t like scented moisturizers, stay away as it is quite strong). It also doesn’t cause my skin to be oily (and my skin is always oily so that’s a huge plus!). 


• Infuses skin with essential fatty acids to visibly hydrate
• Provides a healthy glow and silky feel
• Lightweight, fast absorbing
• Stimulates cellular activity
• Moisturizing emollients and antioxidants
• Paraben-freeArgan Magic Luxurious Hydration contains a unique,
synergistic blend of Argan Oil, to help provide antioxidant protection along with safflower, soybean and mango seed oils to aid in moisture retention – leaving skin feeling velvety soft. Can be used on all skin types.

I couldn’t find this anywhere online, but I bought it at TJ maxx, I’m sure you can find it at Ross or Marshall’s.

It is also available online! Overall, I highly recommend it for those who are looking for an inexpensive moisturizer. Unfortunately, I am buying new products from Makeupartist’s choice and will be using my serum instead of this moisturizer. 


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