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Big Easy better than BB cream Review

Big Easy better than BB cream – Benefit


It took a whole day to buy this! My sister wanted to buy me a foundation that had full coverage so we visited several shops to get my shade matched. We first went to ULTA, which was a horrible experience. I tried on various foundations: Urban Decay, Too Faced, and also bare minerals. The coverage seemed Medium and we decided to head to Macy’s.

We originally wanted to stop by Sephora but we finally settled on heading to the Lancome counter. Lancome has a great deal that if you spend over a certain amount, then you can get a gift bag. The foundation we tried on was pretty nice and smelled great, but my sister said that she didn’t like the minimal coverage that it provided.

We ended up at the benefit counter where we asked about a “foundation that has full coverage.” The girl at the counter said that they had a “BB cream” that has full coverage which I was confused about. Usually, BB cream goes on light and has little to medium coverage but I’m glad we tried it! It was def. the best out of all the foundations we tried so we ended up buying it. It was 38 dollars and very much worth it. 


Before & After Pictures

So, as I’m in Hong Kong right now… my skin isn’t the best. I do think it is due to the hot & humid weather (at least I’m losing weight by sweating soooo much). Also, please ignore my Milia... I should have been more diligent in using my Clarisonic so I will probably go get a facial somewhere in Hong Kong! 

*pics are all unedited*


So, here is my skin sans makeup and after washing my face and applying toner/serum. Not in its best shape, you guys can see how I have acne scars and Milia along with some hyperpigmentation.


other edit

Sorry, my skin is suffering a breakout due to hormones >.> Here are some other pictures.


This is after I applied some blush to my cheeks.


I do think that it lasts long, and works at making my skin seem more smooth. I wear it around Hong Kong, and although I am sweating like crazy, It lasts without completely making my skin a huge mess. I do think it is a bit pricey, but if applied right then it will last long. I think it is one of the best foundation/BB creams I’ve ever used – on par with the Laura Mercier one. I will def. ask my sister to send over more when I run out. 

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