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A peek inside my hotel

Currently staying at the Y-LOFT in CHAI WAN. 

I might be staying here for 5 months but Im not sure yet. I pay about 510 a month so the room is more than 1000  a month for my roomie and I. The place is very nice so I don’t mind paying that much though I wish it were bigger. But, my sister said that this is one of the bigger hotels so I guess I just have to suck it up. The neighborhood is OK, I am surrounded by two shopping malls though (pics up later), so I guess I can’t complain. The reason why I said the neighborhood was OK is because we are very far from everything. We are actually the very last stop on the metro! IMG_0162edited IMG_0163edited

IMG_0247 IMG_0165edited IMG_0166edited

It also boasts of a fitness room and an upcoming restaurant. Since I’m up at 2 am everyday I make sure to go and work out as soon as the fitness room opens which is at 8 am . The fitness room is actually only 4 treadmills put together…. but I guess that is still something.

Some other perks… we have a rooftop track field with an amazing view. We have a laundry room (which I would not recommend for doing your laundry as it is overpriced about 6 USD) and also the reception and staff are very friendly.

IMG_0232  IMG_0234 IMG_0242

wonderful view from the rooftop track

wonderful view from the rooftop track


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