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Welcome to my University


Welcome to City University !

One of the most amazing things about my school is that it is located in a mall. You heard me, INSIDE A SCHOOL. So, how does that work ? Well, when I heard others tell me that I didn’t really understand until I saw it myself.


My school is located in a huge mall, and to get there I simply go up to the 4th floor and enter it. Imagine the army stores or “National University” that sort of thing.  I went to school to go to Orientation for international students.

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We were given lots of food and I got to meet plenty of students from all over the world. I do believe that I am the only one from America! Out of all the exchange students I met, most of them were from Germany or Denmark. You can see the other photos on my Instagram!

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  1. Oh, that’s really amazing. You got so many oppertunities to pass some time while waiting for the next course to start…

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