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Welcome Home Gift



Welcome Home !

Ahhh, how great does it feel to be back home – if only, for a few days. I really don’t want to leave! For all of those who have been following me since BEFORE I left to Hong Kong, you must miss this set up…. I haven’t had Photoshop this past month and I do believe my photos have suffered because of it. 


I don’t know why the lighting seems to change in certain photos… but anyway, my sister surprised me with this cute little gift set that she got from Estee Lauder. I absolutely love this foundation but ran out right before I leave to Hong Kong so I’m excited to see how it compares with the Benefit one.




I’m a sucker for dark lips and since I didn’t bring any lipstick over to Hong Kong, I’m in love! My go to lippie is Clinique, but we will see how these do against it… expect a blog post comparing them!




Off to a wonderful day filled with shopping and seeing my best friends!

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