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Gifts from Hong Kong



Of course, you can’t come home not bearing gifts! I actually bought these very last minute because of the protests in Hong Kong. Mong Kok was deemed dangerous (by my friends) and I was advised to stay away… but I made a last minute trip to Mong Kok and was able to purchase these goodies. Not pictured: I bought 3 selfie sticks + 3 mini purses, along with 1 universal lens for my phone. 

The clutches were so cheap, 100 HKD for 6! That translates to around 13 USD. These were bought at the Ladies Market in Mong Kok.  The selfie sticks are sold at Ladies Market also… but do not buy them there! They were about 80 HKD at ladies market, but I bought them for 55 HKD = 7 USD at Sinwo (a huge plaza nearby). 



The amazing Selfie Stick!

I should have bought this earlier. Everyone in Hong Kong has a selfie stick and I was late to the party. I love the long reach, how easy it is to use, and how lovely the APP is! The app totally makes everyone look better… let’s hope I don’t get addicted to it. Also, it fits every phone! The blue tooth remote is a nice touch also.



I love how long the reach is! I didn’t pull up it all the way because it would not have fit in the picture.


To angle your phone.



Some examples of photos taken with the selfie stick

Using the selfie stick is def a learning process, you have to know how to angle it correctly. We didn’t use the APP for these pictures, sadly. 



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