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Burgeroom – Causeway Bay


7 Caroline Hill Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong+852 2890 9130


It was Jim’s birthday, so when presented with two destinations: Sheung Wan or Causeway Bay. Since Causeway Bay is closer to Chai Wan, I chose it… also having the F21 to spend time in while waiting for them to arrive was great also. The original plan was just to walk around and see what kind of food there was, but after a while of walking around we decided to just openrice something western. We decided on grabbing Burgeroom after seeing it be one of the only options on the menu.


The menu was pretty huge, and they had a wide variety of burgers: Jim got the “Pineapple Cheeseburger” while I got the “Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger”. My burger was 80 HKD, while his was 84 HKD. The fries we got were just regular thick cut fries for 20 HKD (a bit pricey IMO but oh well) and the drinks were about 17 HKD (also pricey). I would like to mention that there is a 7-11 next door so maybe they might let you bring in your own drinks?



Overall, I can’t wait to come back. We had a hard time finishing our burgers and next time… I’ll try their lobster burger!! Also, you order at the counter so don’t be like me and wait about 15 minutes until someone finally had to tell me. The place itself is pretty tiny, but there was no wait even though we came on a weekend? But, you can tell it was popular since we saw a lot of people come in and out… maybe we were lucky?

Anyway, happy birthday to one of my first friends here, Jim! 


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