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Wednesdays in Hong Kong : Ladies Night

Free drinks for Ladies?

In Hong Kong, there are typically two places that people go to grab a drink (well, at least students / foreigners) – Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) or Wan Chai. I drink with my boyfriend, but I wouldn’t say that I am the type to go out and drink at bars and clubs. But, as I’m studying abroad… why not? I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and I am lucky that on Wednesdays.. Ladies drink for free! Make sure you check to see if ladies drink for free as some places start later or simply don’t do it at all! 

Now, I’ve only gone to LKF about three times… the first time was for an international student clubbing thing where drinks were free, and the other times were just to grab some drinks at the bars nearby. On other typical days, drinks in LKF will range about 75 bucks for a screwdriver… so I wouldn’t recommend that.

Now Wan Chai is cheaper, has more bars/choices and has a younger crowd depending on where you go. Just make sure it’s a wednesday and you come at the right time.

Queen Victoria

 If you’re in Wan Chai for a drink and it’s not a wednesday (or you’re not a female). I recommend the Queen Victoria; the bartenders are friendly and the drinks are super cheap. I was able to get a smirnoff for 35 HKD during happy hour, 55 HKD full price.

Tip* I’ve heard their shepherds pie is amazing? Haven’t tried it yet… but maybe it’s something that I’ll try in the future!

My favorite places in Wan Chai

(All on Lockhart Road)

1. Typhoon 976948_543531129022431_436067363_o

Great music, small dancefloor (but at least you can dance), pretty nice place.  

I was recommended this place on Geoexpat and it did not disapppoint. Sadly, I’ve only gone once… but hope I’m able to go again. This is far down the strip but last time we went… the crowd was so huge that it came outside and we were able to meet friends outside also. There is a 7-11 right across the street so that makes it pretty awesome.

Funny Story: My friends and I stayed at this bar until 3 am (missing the MTR) and we decided to just stay in Wan Chai until the MTR opens… at 6 AM. Now, I’m not a partier… but I mean, it’s Hong Kong & I’m here to have fun and “study” abroad. So, we met up at 9 PM, danced and drank around until we realized we missed the MTR (closes at 1) so we either had to take a cab home… or stay. We decided to stay and ended up having breakfast at The Flying Pan (mentioned below). After we got done, we walked around and went to Mcdonalds to kill another hour. 

2. Mes Amis

photo credit: The creativebull.com

I went here with Jim when it wasn’t ladies night and spent 300 HKD. Worst Mistake ever. Thankfully, I went last week and it was super fun. The crowd here is YOUNG and I met people from all over the place (it’s always nice to meet people your age). It’s a bit hard to dance here (so it’s number two) but the place itself is very fancy looking and nice. The drinks here are not for the weak…. they don’t go easy on the vodka. My friends insisted I drink their drinks for them 🙂 So, it may be too strong for some. It was like I asked for a cup of vodka and they put a small squirt of orange juice in it. 

Sober up at the “Flying Pan”

81-85 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Open 24 hours and right above all the bars. Be warned though, it is a bit hard to find…  I have the funniest story about how I got to learn about the Flying pan. My friends and I were at “Queen Victoria” when we met two guys there. One of them was a pilot and the other was just someone he met at the club; the pilot was about 50 and his newly made friend was about 35. I mentioned that my dad also works at an airline.” Luckily the silence wasn’t that awkward and he showed us a place that “only a few people know about.” That place was the Flying Pan! 

It’s OKAY, but perfect for sobering up or just for killing time while waiting for the MTR to open. The food is pricey, but it is pretty empty most of the time with a few tables filled up… but I’ve only gone at 3 am, or at 1 am so I don’t know how it is in the morning.

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