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I’m in Taiwan!!




Taiwan Travel Diary – First Night

I made it to Taiwan! This was def a spur of the moment decision and I couldn’t be happier. Rachel and I decided to go to Taiwan – I left on Wednesday and arrived at the Taipei Airport at 8ish, got on a bus and finally made it back to the Taipei Main Station! And of course who else picked me up other than Tomai? She visited me in Hong Kong, so I thought I’d return the favor!  Because I actually got to the station pretty late, we decided to look for food but everything was pretty much closed since it was almost midnight. We settled on this Italian place… which I had four hours ago in HK; but oh well. 

The trip to Taipei was only 233 USD from HK and the flight was only a hour and 30 minutes. For both of our meals we got a set meal for 380 NT = $12.50 !!!! Taiwan is so cheap compared to Hong Kong. Our meals came with: Soup & Bread , and a free coffee. I got the macaroni with spicy chicken and she got the mixed veggies with meat sauce. And of course, we took the pictures with the selfie stick!








 All of this for just 12.50 USD!!!



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