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Dinner : Street Food in Taipei


Taiwanese Street Food

In Hong Kong, I really haven’t had the chance to try street food but of course in Taipei, I had to at least have some octopus balls! Tomai took me to the night market and we were able to eat dinner there – while walking around and looking at clothes, among other things. Our first stop were the squid balls! 


Only 40 NT for about 8 pieces – that translates to about $1.30 cents!! 




It was quite good, but as you can see theres wasabi on it… it was hard not to eat one without wasabi.

Hong Kong Style Pancakes

I love love love brick toast with coconut butter spread on it , so when I saw it as one of the options for the filling I had to buy it. I forgot the price, but I’m sure it was less than 2 USD.



Banh Mi Thit


For 2 USD, it wasn’t bad but it was quite plain and needed more sauce. Also, we thought it would come with a little bit of each meat (as displayed) but it only came with one option (maybe since we didnt specify?)and that meat was the worst one.


Cubed Beef


I wasn’t able to try this… but doesn’t it look great? He cooks it right in front of you! The line was super long… so maybe I will have another chance to try it tomorrow.



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