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Happy Family Hostel – Taipei

Stay at the Happy Family Hostel 

After browsing around online, I found that most hostels in Taipei were booked such as Rainbow Hostel (recommended to me by Tomai). I went online and Happy Family Hostel was the first place that popped up. Upon looking through the prices, I found it was very affordable compared to other hostels. Other hostels are about 13-15 USD and it’s a shared dorm.

  • Dorm – NT$400
  • Single – NT$700
  • Double Room – NT$1000 (total price$ for 2 people) – $33 USD
  • Stay 1 week get 1 day free
  • Air Conditioning is available for most all rooms for a small extra charge
  • Air Conditioning is free in dorms

I have to admit, I am a horrible planner… don’t trust me for any trips. I just chose this place without looking at the location; I was just so happy to find a hostel that lists the price and have it show up on google search. I was a bit worried to find that they don’t have an online booking system… you just email the place. Don’t worry, I got a reply within a few hours!! 

The Room

This wasn’t my room (sorry, I don’t know why I didnt take photos of it???). But the room we had was HUGE. It was meant for three people originally, but we ended up staying there because there weren’t anymore rooms? Or John Lee, was very nice and gave it to us haha. For the price, it was def worth it. 


The room we had had a bed that was probably queen/king sized and a smaller bed. You could see the smaller bed in the background, and we had two desks. I would have to say it was a bit bigger than my room in the States. Rachel and I were both very surprised. Everything was very clean and the AC was super cold, so we loved it. We also had quite a good view. A tip for those staying: there is a closet filled with extra blankets and towels that John should show you, I grabbed two blankets and about three towels. All of them were very clean.


The Hostel

The whole place was very spacious, it was like a HUGE apartment complex with each room or lounge decorated differently. The bathrooms were quite large for a hostel and I loved exploring it. There is no elevator… so if you have a lot of bags you’ll have to struggle a bit. Overall, I was very happy. 

Plus!!!! This is a major place to stay at! It was literally next to one of the Largest MRT stations – the Taipei MAIN STATION. Did I also mention that it is right across the street from the bus station?  Basically, after you buy the bus ticket to take you to Taipei from the AIRPORT, you get dropped off right across the street from Happy Family Hostel! How great is that? My friend said I was so lucky to have chosen such a great place.

Wifi is very fast here, and there is always someone watching TV outside in the lounge area.




Overall, Rachel and I enjoyed our stay and will recommend this hostel to others! 

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