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Travel Diary – Taiwan Day 1



{ First Day in Taiwan }

I love Taiwan! It reminds me of Vietnam, only more modern. I love the motorcycles mixed in with the cars – the cheap food and all the night markets. I actually prefer it over Hong Kong, but I do think the weather is a bit too humid for my taste.

Tomai took me to one of her favorite breakfast places near school. Our meal was only 2 dollars combined! I had the green onion pancakes, and she had the ham and cheese pancake. She had tea while I had orange juice. I loved my green onion pancake, it was so crispy and wasn’t dry at all! I was surprised to have it with egg, because I’ve had it at some korean restaurants but haven’t had the Taiwanese version before so that was a good touch.



Getting Our Hair Shampooed.


Usually in Vietnam, I always get my hair shampooed. It usually only costs about 2-3 USD dollars, and it lasts about 30 minutes or more because it comes with a facial and scalp massage. Since we had some time, we decided to get our hair shampooed. Tomai couldn’t find the previous place she got it done at so we did it at a new one.


The shampooing process took about 20 minutes and cost us 200 NT = 6.50 USD. Sadly, we did not get a facial so I would recommend going to another place… Overall, it was an OK experience but could have been better. 


IMG_0716 IMG_0715   IMG_0717 IMG_0718   IMG_0721

—– Edit—–

I’m back in Hong Kong right now, preparing for Finals so I can head home! Sorry for the late updates and also for the lazy writing… hopefully I’ll be able to step it up a notch.


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