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Cozy Loft Hostel Review – MongKok


I moved to the big city!

I’m in love with Cozy Loft Hostel in Mong Kok!! It’s been a good month since I’ve moved from Chai Wan to Mong Kok. Also, I have my hardest final tomorrow morning so pardon me if this is a horrible and quick post! I was not happy with my living situation in Chai Wan, I mean sure it was a nice hotel and everything was great… but it took me an hour to get anywhere decent. So, after two months I called it quits – went on airbnb and found a hostel to stay at temporarily before I was going to move to Yau Ma Tei. I found a studio for 5500 HKD = 708 USD (pricey) and was set on staying there. 

I went to go view the studio with Tom and it was horrible. The entrance looked like it had been riddled with bullets as there were bullet holes everywhere (okay, I’m exaggerating – but you get the gist). There wasn’t an elevator so we had to walk up 6 flights of stairs; the stairway looked disturbingly dirty and we finally approached my studio. It wasn’t what I expected to say the least; it was like a huge house that someone had decided to make small rooms out of. She opened the door and it was a small room as big as my bathroom back at home. I. AM. NOT. KIDDING. 

But still, I was happy to find a place that I could call my “own”. So, Tom and I thanked her and went to my hostel (studio wasn’t available yet). Turns out, my hostel is amazing. 

Cozy Loft


Of course, it’s amazing. Not only is it right in the middle of Mong Kok (literally, I am right next to Ladies Market!) but it is so clean and super new. I liked it so much, I canceled on the studio and am now staying here UNTIL I LEAVE.   


There are so many rooms! I am staying in the room with two bunkbeds.





Sure, I don’t get my own room… but for the price I pay I don’t mind. Plus everyone is super nice and usually I get to room alone!



  1. It is very safe.     When you reach the entrance of Cozy Loft, there is a security guard and an elevator (no need to take the stairs… thank goodness). After that, you’ll approach the door where there’s a keypad to press in the “Security code”. You’ll go through the “living room” and then to your room. To enter your room, you will need an electronic keycard. I love it!
  2. Everyone is super friendly. I mean Pearl (she has amazing reviews on AirnB and everyone loves her – including me), and the other people at the front who take care of the guests. Pearl is super friendly, I had trouble finding Cozy Loft so she called and directed us to the correct location. Also, Simon gave me his card so everytime I locked myself out he was able to help me. There were times where I was sleeping and they came in to clean… they were really sincere and apologized and waited until I left before they came in the room. Very polite of them! 
  3. Location. Mong Kok to me is like Time Square in New York! It is filled with everything and is close to everywhere! It only takes me 10 minutes to get to school… and funny thing is: I’ve been saving money on food because there are plenty of food places around. 
  4. Clean & comfortable. Yes, I have a bunkbed, but this bed is pretty big. I have no complaints! Also, it is cleaned everyday and all my friends have approved of Cozy Loft. 
  5. Not crowded. My favorite part – sometimes I have the room all to myself! I think most of the time I get to stay alone, which is awesome; maybe 4/7 days I have to myself and the weekends get pretty busy and I have roomates. But, my roomates are so nice and friendly! They always say hi to me and I make sure to make them feel welcome.


I pay about a little cheaper than I would for the studio because I have a small discount for staying a month. The prices are available on AIRBNB ; I think 23 USD for the bottom bunk (please get that one… I hate going to the top bunk) and cheaper for the top bunk .

Wish me luck for my test! Will be back soon to update. I leave Hong Kong in a few days!!!

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