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Lantau Island

A trip to Lantau Island



Since we’ve only had a few days left in Hong Kong, Tom + Rachel went with me to see the Big Buddha!!! I would recommend getting tickets online because we had to wait in line for more than an hour JUST to BUY our ticket! Only a few people bought theirs online so there wasn’t even a line for them. 

Ticket prices were for : $150 HKD and you are able to go on the cable car for about 20+ minutes so it was worth it. Basically, I just love cable cars! We went on a slightly grey day so it wasn’t too hot… perfect for walking around and just sight seeing. 




No, we’re not a couple… posing right before we get on the cable car.






As you can tell from my first picture, the climb up to see the Big Buddha was really really long. Maybe we were out of shape… but we had to rest like three times. I saw plenty of people sitting on the steps resting also. So bring plenty of water. As it was cloudy, it was a bit better – I can’t imagine how it would be if it was super sunny.


img_0993 img_0995
img_0998 img_1003 img_1010


There were plenty of hiking trails around the Big Buddha, and we even saw so many cows just casually walking in the middle of the road. There is also a village where you can ride on the boat, so I would recommend doing that – we weren’t able to go though. Either way, it was a good experience I just wish we stayed a bit longer.

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