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Taipei 101 + Din Tai Fung



Taipei 101 + Din Tai Fung



Price: 500 NT per person / $16 USD

Rachel and I decided to see Taipei 101, not really knowing what to expect. I have to admit that I do think it is pretty cool compared to Victoria Peak (in HK) as it has the fastest elevator in the world. Imagine going from the fifth floor to the 89th-floor observatory in only 37 seconds! Our ears popped, but it was very well worth it. 

It was raining that day, so we couldn’t go up on the highest level – so we had to view Taipei from inside but it wasn’t too bad. The pictures I captured on my phone turned out better than my camera; but overall I’m not really one for sight-seeing in the first place so although it was nice to visit once – I will not go again.





Din Tai Fung



After seeing Taipei 101, we decided to stop by Din Tai Fung to grab dinner. We didn’t know much about it… we just saw that the line was long so we knew it had to be good! The wait was a hour and a half, but we managed to waste time by strolling around the mall. Upon entering, we understood why it was so popular..


If you can see in the photo above, there was an “open kitchen” where we saw the workers making dumplings and dim sum! Also, Din Tai Fung was visited by Tom Cruise and the walls were filled with photos of him making Dim Sum with the owner.

credit: Daily Mail

The waitress was very friendly and showed us how to properly make the vinegar and soy sauce for the dumplings; after that we decided to order the famous beef noodle soup. I thought it was OKAY, maybe because I was comparing it to the Vietnamese version. 



The price wasn’t bad though for what we got. We both had trouble finishing our meal and I would def. recommend everyone to try it at least once.


Our bill after ordering: 2 beef noodle soups + 2 drinks = $18 USD. 

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