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Taiwan Food Diary: Watami Japanese Restaurant


Watami Taiwan

After visiting Longshan Temple and failing to visit the rest of the places we wanted to go due to the rain, we decided to walk around the night market and then eat dinner. “Our last meal has to be nice and classy!” So, after walking past several restaurants, we decided to try Watami.

On the outside, the restaurant looked very spacious and nice, and I’m happy to say the inside was even better. There were private rooms and the staff was friendly.





The prices weren’t too bad, I’m sure if we were in HK they would be more expensive. Sushi was about 240 NT = 7.74 USD.




My favorite part was their service button! This was the first restaurant outside of KBBQ in SOCAL that had one. Everytime we needed to order something, we would just press it and a waitress would arrive.


I got the salmon sushi and it was decent. I would recommend getting something else though. I was full after three pieces…




Because the sushi wasn’t enough, I decided to get more…

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