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Mong Kok Food Diaries

My diet consists of : Ramen + Burgers


Since moving to Mong Kok, I’ve actually SAVED more money. I didn’t think this was possible, since Mong Kok is such a big place and known for having plenty of tourists. But, tucked behind Ladies Market is a foodie’s Heaven! Jane and I made the plan to eat at every place behind Ladies Market and we almost did eat at every place… every ramen place, that is. 

So, every Monday Jane and I would try a different restaurant but we always had our favorites and this was our favorite place for the first month. Near the end of my trip, we found another place that we really loved but I’ll save that for another post. 

It still is hard for me and Jane to find our ramen place, because there are so many ramen places right next to each other that it gets confusing at times. It also doesn’t help that each place looks very similar and the only way we could tell them apart is by the door handle. Some of them are the normal push/pull kinds, and the others are the “Press to open” type. 




Food Time!


 I don’t know the english name of this place, but most places behind Ladies Market is about 30-35 HKD for Ramen for lunch. Dinner is only a bit more expensive, but not by much. Since Jane and I go for lunch, I always get the lunch set.

For 35 (?) maybe less, I get ramen + Pork with dipping sauce. We also get to choose between a california roll or salmon sushi (2 pieces). So, half the time we struggle to finish our plate of food! I wish it came with a drink though, but a cold drink costs about 12 HKD… not too bad.


35 HKD = $4.50 USD

Pork Ramen + 2 pieces of salmon sushi

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