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Shop OT301-301A, 3/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

For Tom’s last dinner in Hong Kong we decided to head to TST and eat at BLT BURGER. Since Tom had no clue where he wanted to go, Rachel took it upon herself to find a restaurant that took AMEX (for me), had vegetarian food (for Tom) and Western food. We wanted to go somewhere nice, so we all agreed on choosing TST.

Now, I’ve ate at 2 other burger places : The Diner and BURGEROOM (twice) and out of all of them… I think BLT Burger was my favorite. They are all around the same price, but I love BLT BURGER because 1. It is in a better area (larger), 2. It has a great all day burger combo deal, and 3. It tastes better and has more options when it comes to food. 

Out of all three restaurants… I think the DINER is the worst one. 


Click below for more food pictures + All day Burger Combo Pic


Unlike BURGEROOM which has a set time, BLT BURGER has an ALL DAY special.

What we ordered



Tom had the veggie burger


I had the onion rings along with a burger. I only had about two onion rings before I had to throw it away. Unfortunately, I do not have a fridge and everyone else was full…


My Tex Mex Burger

I really liked it! It was filled with so many yummy things that I just couldn’t resist.

Anything that has avocado, jalepenos and CHILI is an automatic yes for me.


No idea what burger this was… it looks pretty bland to be honest. But, I’m sure it tasted delicious! Also, I heard the sweet potato fries and milkshake were amazing!

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