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Mong Kok Food Diaries : Ocio Dessert


MK FOOD DIARIES: Dessert @ Ocio

Shop 5, G/F, Tsui Yuen Mansion, Phase2, 2-20 Kwong Wa Street ,Mong Kok


It was very hard for me to find a good dessert place in Hong Kong, I just grew accustomed to eating the hot fudge sundae and calling that “dessert”. Thanks to Sham’s friend, we were introduced to Ocio! Lucky for me, it’s close to my hostel so we made sure to visit it another time before I left. 

On the outside, it looks quite plain and small but inside it was so cozy and homey! Everytime we went, there were these two men working and their service was quite good. Our water cups were always full and they were more than happy to explain the menu to us! I liked them so much that I followed them on Instagram and now on Facebook (where I got the first picture from). 

I really wanted to take Jane here for our last meal together, but decided on something else at the last minute. Ocio also carries REAL FOOD, so if you don’t want to just eat dessert then come here during dinner because they have a pretty nice dinner set. 

Dinner Set


The table next to us got the dinner set and it looked so amazingly yummy and smelled even better. I love the concept, most of the food came in a deep dish pan and was always sizzling when it came out. Furthermore, their dessert (especially the one we got) reminded me of BJs. The first time we all went together, we got : The chocolate brownie sundae + strawberry waffles with raspberry syrup. 


The picture looks odd because the syrup was bubbling and I took the picture as soon as it was brought out!

My favorite would have to be the chocolate brownie with icecream and hot fudge 🙂 (Not pictured).



The prices are estimated because I am not exactly sure. But, I went around the end of November and our desserts ranged from about 65-75 HKD. 

The dinner set was around 120 HKD. 


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