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My Time in Hong Kong is up!

hong kong besties

Hong Kong Timeline 

Before studying abroad, everyone recieved a piece of paper that detailed the “Study Abroad Timeline.” This timeline supposedly said that the first month was the hardest, and that we would feel homesick. When we returned home, the timeline said, “You will begin to feel depressed. This feeling is worse and even more strong than feeling homesick.”  I didn’t believe it, after all – everyone should be happy that they are home. But now, after spending 5 days in California… I am depressed. I miss Hong Kong and I miss everyone in it! 


I landed in Hong Kong on August 23rd at midnight. I was very excited and marveled at their efficient MTR (we don’t really use ours in LB). I remember carrying just one huge luggage, a backpack and a purse. My roommate Yuki, picked me up at the MTR station and took me to our hotel room. https://dianasadventures.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/a-peek-inside-my-hotel/ You can read the review by clicking on the link. I spent the first half of the month mostly staying indoors and not really leaving my hotel room as often as I’d like because I lived so far away from everyone. I also met Jane, Sham and Jim my first month, and the first big trip I took was to MACAU with Jane. I lost about 10 LBS the first month from just being depressed and not eating enough. My diet consisted of sushi which I had twice a day at 30 HKD. But, after browsing through my IG photos… I realized I also spent my first month drinking and going to Wan Chai. 



 Second Month

Tomai came and visited me from Taiwan and I began to do all the tourist stuff that my friends had already done or didn’t want to do. I was so happy she visited me because I could show her around ! We visited Nan Lian Garden, went to Victoria Peak and went shopping around Ladies Market. Around October, I took a quick three night trip home to Cali and spent the three days catching up with my friends and seeing my family. When I came back to Hong Kong, I met Tom, Rachel and Jay. I began to hang out with Tom and Rachel almost everyday and we got to eat at more Western places because Tom is a Vegetarian and has limited food options. Life was pretty good and I began to explore more.

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Around Halloween, Rachel and I visited Tomai in Taipei! We got to see how different Taipei was compared to Hong Kong and I fell in love with the city. When we came back to Hong Kong, Rachel and Tom had to leave (Rachel went back to New Jersey, while Tom went back to England). I was able to move to Cozy Loft which was walking distance from Jane’s and so Jane and I began to spend the rest of our days eating around Ladies Market. It was also FINALS WEEK for me; so Sham, Nancy and I were in the library to study and work on group projects. Jane took this last month to travel solo, so I spent most of my time with Sham and Nancy. I spent my last month spending time with people I love, eating whatever I wanted, exploring, and have never been so happy. Going to Hong Kong was like spending vacation with the same people everyday ; and I was never bored or unhappy this last month.


Jane was traveling until the 7th of December, but I had to leave on the 2nd (I would have stayed later but as my month was up at Cozy Loft I decided to leave to save money) so we had a nice dinner together and said our goodbyes. On Dec. 2nd: Nancy, Sham and I had dinner at Nancy’s apartment and I spent the night there before heading back to California. 

Thank you for all the memories ❤

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