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On our way to England!



En route… England!

As you all know, I’ve only been home for about less than two weeks – so I’m severely jet lagged. I’m actually surprised I haven’t developed an addiction to Nyquil yet since I take it so regularly now. Also, I’m still recovering from Taiwan where I became deadly ill. As my sister reaches the old age of 24, she won’t be able to travel for free so… we decided to take some last minute trips to Europe. Her flights will end on January 12th, so we both expect to do some traveling before then. 

I don’t really have any warm clothing since our winter in California is like Hong Kong’s winter. On the day of our flight, we rushed to Sears and bought me some boots before heading home to quickly pack. I packed two peacoats and one sweater. That was seriously all the winter clothing I had! Also, thanks to Nancy and Sham I was able to have two gloves and one scarf. We arrived to Heathrow airport on Monday, and left on Friday.  I’m typing this while sipping on coffee and being horribly ill, airplanes always seem to make me super sick. 



From LAX to Heathrow it was a direct flight (which is a first for me… I always have to switch planes) and there wasn’t a first class cabin, only business class but it wasn’t bad at all. It was also the first time my sister and I have traveled together in YEARS, so I was very excited to sit next to her on the airplane.


Jennifer with her Mimosa. I never drink on airplanes. 


My O.J.


Food Time

I’m going to be honest when I say that the food we had on the plane… was better than the food in England. I’ve heard that there aren’t that many food choices in England (compared to HK).


Our appetizer, the toast was very salty. But, the cheese was delicious! I loved the dip.


Jennifer’s Salmon.


My chicken.


Our desserts.


I don’t mind Business class, but I do miss the sleep pod. But, if you’re traveling in pairs… this is better as the sleep pods are too big and it’s hard to talk to your travel companion!

About to Land!


My veggie pizza. As you can tell, I’m not healthy at all….



Jennifer’s breakfast.

I’m uploading my video soon and am currently writing a post for befunky! So check back soon!


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