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Regency Restaurant in Brighton Pier


Day 2 { Brighton Pier }



Brighton pier was about two hours away and reminded me of San Francisco and Santa Monica, just with less rides. I wanted to try Fish and Chips (Thanks Sham for letting me know about it). So, Jennifer looked up a Fish and Chips restaurant and we headed towards that direction. 

Regency Restaurant

131 King’s Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2HH, United Kingdom





What we ordered


Yay! My fish & Chips! Mostly everyone in the restaurant was hunched over and enjoying this delicious dish. Out of four people (Me, Tom, Poppy, and Jennifer) 3 of us got Fish and Chips while Jennifer got the chicken. We also all got the Cod, and I remember there was another option. It was amazingly good, I only like Salmon but I was so in love with this dish. From now on, I’m going to YELP some Fish & Chip places in Long Beach and eat there.  

Price: £5.25 !!!! So surprised that it was so CHEAP. 


Jennifers chicken. I didn’t see it on the restaurant website, but I think it was about £10.

Overall, I highly recommend this place. The setting was cute, the staff were really nice to us and the restaurant was so gorgeous. Also, we walked around Brighton after lunch and saw that most places were more expensive and they were food stalls!



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