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Snow Story – Mong Kok Food Diaries

Snow Story

G/F, 119 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok



The thing I missed most about Cali were all the yummy desserts we had. By simply driving 15 minutes, I could choose between macaron icecream, brick toast, hot warm cookie topped with vanilla bean icecream or all sorts of boba. Surprisingly, my friends and I found it hard to find dessert places in HK (maybe we weren’t looking hard enough?). So, after moving to MK I decided to venture out by myself and found Snow Story. 


I had no one to go with, and I’m still not a fan of eating by myself so I decided to wait. Finally, Jim and I were able to go to Snow Story. I felt bad, I dragged him around while we got lost. But luckily, I didn’t give up and we finally were able to find it.

The Menu



We were not able to choose our macaron flavors, so we were only able to choose our icecream flavor. The macaron was not good at all, it was very dry and just bleh. I didn’t like it at all. But, Jim liked it – maybe because Seattle is seriously lacking macaron icecream? Either way, Snow Monster + Fusion Tea Bar from now on. It was pretty decently priced, and the store was crowded so I mean if you happen to pass by and you’re curious to what it tastes like… then stop by? I really would not go again though. You can tell by the first picture that the macarons are pretty hard, which isn’t a good thing IMO. 

They also serve other snacks. The pictures are blurry because they were taken from my crappy phone. I would rather eat at Ocio .You can read my review on Ocio here .




  1. you definitely didn’t look hard enough 🙂 usually HK style dessert places are separated from a normal restaurant in HK since it’s not really common to eat a dessert, especially right after a proper meal but you have plenty of dessert places in any shopping mall, afternoon teas, ice creams – good luck next time :)!

    • hehe, I think I am too spoiled by all of the desserts in Socal. I’ll try harder next time I visit in the summer 🙂 Do you have any recommendations?

      • there’s my favorite in Mong Kok next to the space occupied by small buses, but I need to ask my husband for the exact address – I go until I find it haha 🙂 but those are HK-style desserts, rather than a western one. there’s also a cute cafe called Baby Cafe in TMT Plaza in Tuen Mun – been there once but really liked it 🙂

  2. Madeline says

    Hey girl!!! Im ready to join the blogosphere again haha I cant wait to catch up with all your hong kong posts! Weve been to the same places gah!

    • oh my goodness, it’s been such a long time!!!
      I left Hong Kong a few weeks ago 😦 But it would have been so much fun to meet up haha.
      Anyway, can’t wait to catch up on your posts also!
      Happy Holidays! ❤

      • Madeline says

        Aw do you miss it? Im still in the states working now!!!!

      • yea, I was pretty depressed when I came back home! But, I hope to go again in the future. My parents want me to go to Taiwan though to learn chinese haha >.>

        How’s working ? I’m trying to apply for jobs… but it’s so hard since everyone wants experience. I saw an ad for a minimum wage receptionist job and they wanted a MA degree for that… ridiculous.

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