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Christmas Gifts


happy holidaysIMG_1502

Happy Holidays! The older I get, the less presents I get every year… but that’s okay because I realize that there’s more to Christmas than just gift giving. I was worried I would not get to spend Christmas with my family this year, but I was able to spend a quiet day in with them. Normally, on Christmas Eve I would head up to Brandon’s but this year… my sister, mom and I stayed in. My family isn’t big on Christmas at all – and this was the first year I didn’t have my annual Christmas party so it honestly didn’t feel like Christmas at all!

Our house wasn’t decorated, and we didn’t have Christmas breakfast but I still felt very happy. I have such a great family who supports me and looks after me. The day after Christmas, Brandon came up and surprised me and my family with gifts. I am so blessed to have him! I also got a couple of coats from my sister and cothes (not pictured, of course) but I’ll be sure to wear that for my trip to Rome and Barcelona.

Anyway, I can’t wait to try out these goodies and write a review on them for you guys. 



Thanks to my sister for this gorgeous watch.



So many lippies.


I love skinfood! Can’t wait to try it..I’m get a bit tan.




Lately, I’ve been using MAC to shade in my brows, but I’ll give this a go and see how well it works.

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