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Teawood – TST

 Teawood Review

2 Carnarvon Plaza, 20 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


I only went here for the brick toast. Look at it… it looks better than anything I’ve ever seen. 

Jim asked Jane and I if we finally wanted to meet his girlfriend so we decided to meet up in TST. I’ve wanted to try Teawood for a while and was waiting to eat there with Sham & Nancy but as luck would have it – Jim’s girlfriend took us here!

The place was soo nice. I found out that there was one in Mong Kok also that just recently opened, too bad I never got to eat there again. We made it right on time, because after we were seated… there was literally a line out the door!  Their drink menu was very large and we each got a different drink.

What we ordered

Sorry, the details are fuzzy since this was a month ago 😦



My strawberry drink. It was really good!


Jane’s chocolate drink. I actually wish I got this instead.


Jim and I got the beef noodle soup (mine was spicy). I expected the beef noodle soup to be similar to the Vietnamese beef noodle soup… but was disappointed. I don’t think the food was that good to be honest & it was a bit more expensive than I was used to (especially for asian food). 

The brick toast ,on the other hand, fed us four and there was still a bit left over. It wasn’t GREAT just decent. The toast wasn’t really sweet at all so it was bland and the ice cream was just plain normal icecream. It was pretty to look at , but that was pretty much it. But maybe it’s because I am comparing it to Guppy’s brick toast which is drenched in Coconut butter..


Ending this post with a picture of my best friend and I.

Miss you so much Jane!!!!

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