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Kensignton Palace

IMG_1305 copy


Price: £16.50 / £15.40 (online)

TIP: Make sure to pick up the brochure at all the major train stations called “TWO FOR ONE LONDON.” It’s basically a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE TICKET to most landmarks and attractions. Keep your eye out for it because not a lot of people know about it. 

This was the first place we visited in London. It was quite easy to get to, just get off at “Kensignton” Exit.  We actually bought Mcdonalds and got their coffee… it was horrible! I joked that the Mcdonalds in America tasted so much better probably due to the copious amounts of sugar we put in… hehe. IMG_1301

To get there, we had to go through a park which was quite nice. Make sure to take a photo at one of the telephone booths outside!




Tip: If you’re carrying your heavy coats, be sure to check it in at the coat room. It’s free if you show your ticket to the front desk clerk.









I didn’t really have that great of a time. I mean it was a pretty big exhibit, but I just thought I could have spent the money and gone elsewhere. If you want to learn more about Queen Victoria, take a peek around the King’s Apartments, and see the King’s gallery then visit. I’m not much of a touristy person to begin with, meaning I don’t like to go sightseeing as much as my sister or friends… so it’s just my opinion. My sister said it was boring also, so that makes me feel a bit better.

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