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Sweetology Review – Festival Walk

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Sweetology’s FacebookI try to not eat at Festival Walk, actually I did a pretty good job at that. When Jane and I first started Monday Dates, we ate at festival walk. We typically ate at Oliver’s Super Sandwiches, and then always ended our meal with dessert at Yo Ma Ma Frozen Yogurt. These lunches would cost us quite a bit, around 90 HKD and it was a big treat for us. Luckily, we only ate like that for a few weeks then I moved to Mong Kok and we were able to eat ramen for 30 HKD and get boba (Come Buy) for another 20 HKD! So much cheaper. But, Jane spent her last month traveling to pretty much every country in Asia! Seriously, she’s gone everywhere and by herself! So, I found myself eating at Festival Walk more often because it was close to school and Sham + Nancy were always there. Through Sham and Nancy, I was able to eat more western food, as Jane and I typically liked to eat asian food. Anyway, I digress…. basically, thanks Sham for taking me here!swettology(picture credit goes to : Sweetology)The place itself is very cute, and right next to the AMC / Yo MA MA Yogurt. I loved how modern and simple it looked, plus everything was white which looked very classy. We went for the Lunch/ Tea set. Now, I’m not much of a tea drinker at all (I hate all types of hot drinks) but their tea was amazing. They were so generous with the serving amount also!IMG_9071 copyWe got to choose the flavor of tea and we each got our own tea pot. We actually both drank all our tea and I  used up all my sugar :X  While browsing, you can see that most of the reviews are for the desserts. Sadly, I didn’t have dessert there (I have no clue why, maybe because I was watching my budget or something). So, the review is based only on the english brunch that we had.IMG_9076As you can tell, Sham and I got the same thing. This was there English waffles with ham and egg. It was really delicious, and although it didn’t look that big (sorry, I’m still used to the huge American portions)  I got full off of it. Overall, I think it’s a good size and since it was so tasty – def. worth it. We paid, I think, about 80 HKD each for our lunch (I’m estimating because it’s been a while and there is no menu). So, hopefully you’re able to try it at least once! I wish I was able to eat there one last time but sadly, I wasn’t able to. Before I end this post, just look at a picture of one of their desserts. 

pic credit: Sweetology

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