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Last day in London!

Morning everyone! It’s 12:27 AM and I slept a good 16 hours today – talk about major jetlag. I decided not to go to Japan because I don’t want to be inside an airplane for another month. Can you believe I’ve been on an airplane for almost 60 hours in a month and a half? Gotta say it… traveling is fun but the best bed to sleep in at night is at home. Anyway, in order to post about Rome I have to finish posting about London so here is everything we did our last day there! You can probably tell this post will be rushed… just a little, because I can’t wait to tell you all the places we went to in Rome! 

london 2

Natural History Museum


Out of all the places… this was my favorite landmark! It was huge and amazing. We saw many students on field trips and I was just terribly jealous, if I went here at a young age I would have been mindblown! It took us about 3 hours or more to go through everything. Happy to say – ADMISSION IS FREE!!! I couldn’t believe it myself! I would love to take Brandon here in the future… if you have time this place is a def must see. 

Make sure to hang your coat in the coat room because walking around with a heavy coat could get tiring. I believe it was about 3 pounds, not too bad. My sister and I accidentally bought sparkling water here instead of still water…




I won’t bore you with all the amazing photos… because frankly, there’s just too many!

Buckingham Palace


Pretty and not too far from Big Ben. It was really beautiful during the night because of all the lights. If you have time, stop by because its really quick and makes for a nice photo.

Big Ben



It was pretty hard to get a decent photo with my camera. I actually thought we would be able to go inside or like look around the building. There’s really not much to say…

London Bridge / Tower Bridge Exhibit


Right before heading to London Bridge, we stopped by the small booths nearby. Tom ended up buying some sweets at this cute little shop while I wanted something even more delicious – macarons!


Tom’s candy shop. 


No chocolate covered gummy bears, but look at those huge cookies!


These macarons were so delicious and inexpensive! Only 1 pound.


I was tempted… but the macaron was more than enough.

Tower Bridge Exhibit



My sister said that we were able to pay to walk along the London Bridge. Silly me, I thought she meant walk on top (cause why would anyone pay to walk across the bridge?)


The price is actually quite affordable and inexpensive. Would I recommend it? If you have time + money then sure why not, but other than that… don’t kill yourself trying to go. It wasn’t that great – I would have been more than happy just to walk across it like everyone else. It’s pretty cool that you can see what’s happening underneath though but the view isn’t the best. 



The London Eye

on here



Sure, it looks nice and pretty from far away but when it comes down to it… I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s expensive, a waste of time (seriously), and you get super bored after the first 10 minutes. Go if you want to brag to your friends about the experience (which I wasn’t able to cause no one cares) or if you want to take some nice photos. But honestly speaking, do you want to spend almost $45 bucks to take some photos here and there? 


 The line to buy the ticket took relatively fast (maybe because everyone was smart and bought theirs online). And surprisingly, the line to board wasn’t too bad… it only took us about 15 minutes to board. But, after snapping about 20 photos we were bored and just sat down to wait for the wheel to turn.

That’s It!

Now, off to edit the photos from Rome + talk about my new years resolutions!

Don’t forget to watch my England Vlog here!

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