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Welcome to Rome! Beldes HR Hotel


Beldes HR Hotel

Via degli Scipioni, 239, 00192 Roma, Italy

I loved this hotel! It was close to the subway (only 3 minutes away), close to the bus stops (also 3 mins away), and within walking distance to all the places we wanted to go to. I especially love traveling with my sister because she plans EVERYTHING and she picked this hotel because it was right in the middle. Also, it’s only two blocks away from a famous gelato place. 


Location: The hotel was super convenient to get to. In order to get to the Hotel from the airport we simply caught a bus, then took the bus to the main subway station which is : Termini. Then we took the subway and got off Lepanto. So if you decide to stay here, getting here is a breeze from all major landmarks because you can simply take the bus or subway and get off at this stop!

It is within walking distance to most major landmarks, such as the spanish steps, shopping centers, farmers market and others. Also there are many restaurants nearby!

The room

What a cute romantic little room! It was just perfect for us, but it does have one major Con: the rooms are paper thin… so thin I heard our neighbors phone vibrate in the middle of the night and could hear every little thing. Luckily, no one in the rooms nearby were on their honeymoon *shivers*. 

IMG_1908 copy




Another Pro about this place is that they aren’t skimpy on the towels, etc. Not only was our room super clean, they made sure to give us more towels than we needed and always gave us a bunch of soap.

Not pictured: The closet to hang our clothes and the fridge. So happy there was a fridge because we were able to store our water bottles there.

Free Breakfast!

Brandon and I never wake up early enough to grab free breakfast so I never had breakfast at a hotel before. But, I was really happy with this one even though my sister said many people complained about it.







My chubby face after waking up so early. Our sleeping schedule was so horrible that we would wake up at 3 AM everyday and go to bed at 4 PM. Then wake up for dinner around 9 PM and go back to sleep at around midnight. Yikes!


There were plenty of seats. The waitress there was super nice, she would go around asking everyone what they wanted to drink.





  1. Close to most landmarks and attractions. You could walk everywhere from this hotel, and if you didn’t want to then simply take a bus or the subway. To get to the subway or bus stop simply walk down the block (about 3 minutes max). We were close to the : Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna, Spanish steps,  Patheon, Vatican city, Borghese Galleria and Piazza del popolo. Just about a 15 minute walk. 
  2. Free breakfast : I would get a coffee with pineapple juice. I loved their banana bread and their cold cut selection, yum! By eating their free breakfast, you could save a lot of money (especially if you’re traveling in a group). Breakfast : 7:30 – 10 AM.
  3. Excellent Room Service: They made sure to vaccum and scrub everything. Also, you never need to ask for extra blankets or towels because they give you loads.
  4. Price: My sister said it was about 80 USD the first day and 60 USD the next few days.


  1. Paper thin Walls: When you can hear your neighbor’s phone vibrate… you know it’s pretty bad.


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