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San Crispino Gelato

San Crispino


San Crispino Gelato

Via della Panetteria 42
00187 Rome

After seeing Trevi Fountain we checked tripadvisor to see if there were any famous gelato places in the area. Of course, the streets were littered with gelato places so we had a tough time figuring out which one to buy. My sister said San Crispino had raving reviews, I think it might be due to the fact that it is ridiculously close to the famous landmark.


Now, this place was sort of hard to find due to the numerous alleys that Rome has. We walked by it the first time and after searching harder the second time – we finally found it. Due to the fact that we were there early, we were surprised to find that it was completely empty! Lucky us, we had heard there was always a line... so we were glad that we didn’t have to deal with crowds.


Since my sister was full after her caffe (I’m not a coffee fan), we decided to share the Hazelnut flavor. At the time that we tried it, I thought it was pretty good… but I actually don’t remember what it tasted like at all the second day in Rome. So, it must not be that great. I think it’s overrated – call me crazy, but my sister agreed. If you’re in the area stop by – but there are much better places out there.


I’m currently in the process of editing my Rome Video! So, be on the lookout!

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