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Da Francesco Review


Da Francesco Review

Piazza del Fico 29
00186 Rome

This restaurant was the highlight of my eating adventures in Rome. For once, Trip Advisor proved worthy when it recommended this place. My sister and I actually woke up at 10 PM and rushed to Da Francesco to try their truffle pizza. They are also known for their tiramisu so we got that as well. Of course, I wanted to try their carbonara but my sister wasn’t taking anymore chances (I got it at several other places and it sucked). She went instead with the lasagna. 


The truffle pizza was delicious! So, if you ever happen to come here… you know what to order.


My sister ordered this but said it was too “cheesy” and she got sick of it after a while. I liked it but it felt really heavy.
Should have gotten the carbonara! 



I still have dreams about their tiramisu. It was light and creamy, just all around heavenly!
My sister isn’t a big fan of pistachio, but even she liked it.

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