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full : € 12,00
reduced : € 7,50

How to get here:
Roma, Piazza del Colosseo
Metro: Line B – “Colosseo”
Bus: Line 75 – 81 – 673 – 175 – 204
Tram: Line 3

Rome was so small that we could have walked here from our hotel! But we instead took the metro since we were sure that we would do lots of walking around throughout the day. Thanks to our Roma Pass, we were able to enter this exhibit for free. I would also like to mention that the purchase of this ticket also allows you to enter the colosseum roman forum and palatine.

I actually dropped my camera right outside the Coloseeum :/ but thankfully it still worked! The view was quite nice and there were plenty of statues and things to see. Of course, we spent the whole time taking hundreds of photos… but only a few came out nice as it was too sunny to grab a nice picture.


IMG_2006 IMG_2017 IMG_2023 IMG_2055 IMG_2056 IMG_2067


I’ll end this post with a photo of my sister and I. Don’t we look like twins?


Also, school has started for me and I’m in the process of applying for various jobs/internships.
Wish me luck and hopefully by next week I’ll have great news! 



  1. Jennifer Leigh G. says

    Gorgeous! I’m jealous of you, I would love to visit Rome. Your pictures turned out very nicely and it looks like you and your sister really enjoyed the trip. Safe travels!

    P.S. Yes, you and your sister could be twins! 🙂

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