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A little bit of everything..



A little bit of everything…

After visiting the Colosseum, we went to the Roman Forum and palatine as it was free. Some of the photos didn’t turn out quite as nice, so here are the ones that caught my interest and hopefully you guys will enjoy them as much as I did!


Found this little guy just resting… he was so calm!









Afterwards, we went to the Pantheon! But, that will be for Monday.


Also, I’m currently suffering through my last year at school! & just landed my health care internship… so wish me luck!
I start on Thursday. 


  1. fislittleblog says

    I went to Rome last summer and these photos are really making me want to go back, it’s such a beautiful city enriched with history!

      • fislittleblog says

        Never been to Milan before, but I have been to Florence. It is gorgeous but a very big tourist trap, with everything costing double than it should. So my advice is go when your nice and rich haha xx

  2. Jennifer Leigh G. says

    P.S. Best of luck to you in your internship! You’ll do wonderfully.

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