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Create a blog swap button / about me

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blog swap buttonIf you look to the right of my profile, you should be able to see my Button, along with my favorite bloggers! I have to admit, I got started on the button swap bandwagon very late – I haven’t been going on other blogger’s actual wordpress sites and looking around. But, better late than never right? Swapping buttons with another blogger can be a great way to meet other bloggers and get more views! 

Why you should make a Blog “Button”

1. You can direct traffic to your site.

If you love reading someone else’s blog, and notice that they have a button on their site then don’t be shy! Ask them to swap a button with you. I love going on a blog and seeing other blogs that they love, most of the time the audience and niche are the same also. So, by having your button on someone else’s site, there’s a good chance that their readers will click on your button also

2. You can make friends!

Having a button means also supporting another blog, and growing closer. There are many times that I visit Christina + Hilary’s Blogs. I never really reached out and tried to make friends in the beginning, but now as I’m well into a year of blogging, I’ve been making friends everywhere!

3. It’s easy to make + Code.

If you’re interested in driving traffic to your site and making friends, then look no further! I’ll teach you how to quickly make a blog button + Code it. 

 Step 1 )  How to make a Blog Button / About me Button

There are plenty of different blog buttons out there – from fancy designs, to simple and straight to the point buttons. I have to admit though, blog buttons really capture a reader’s attention and I should have spent more time on mine… maybe in the future? If you have an About me button, this also works but to keep this tutorial short and simple… let’s do a really simple + quick button! I’ll be using photoshop for this, but I’ll be sure to link some other tutorials so you can see how to make one on other FREE ONLINE softwares! Also, this tutorial also applies to ABOUT ME buttons also! 

1) Make your button 300 x 300

It’s good to make sure your blog button isn’t too big because if it’s too big a blog may not want to put your button up. You don’t want to stretch out a blog’s sidebar do you? So I chose 300 x 300 px, now go down to the right and click on the eclispe tool. 

about me tutorial

Step 2) Create the circle !

Hold down the shift button to make sure it doesn’t come out all lopsided, etc.

about me tutorial

Your screen should look like this now. 

Step 3) Place your photo over the circle

So, since our circle image is around 300 px, you have to make sure your photo is around that size. My original photo was around 1000 px, so I resized it to about 350 px.

about me tutorial

Step 4) Create clipping mask!

Trust me, you will use this step over and over and over again! If I were to ever hit my head on something and forget most of my photoshop skills (what skills? :/) I would hope I would remember this! So, right click on the layer and click “CREATE CLIPPING MASK” step 4

Step 5 ) Save your work – Merge Visible!

If you look to the right, this is what your photo should look like right now. But you’re not done yet! In order to make saving your photo easier, make sure to MERGE VISIBLE.  Do that by going to LAYER > Merge Visible. 

step 5

Step 6) Create some text.

Almost done with your new blog button + About me! Click on the “T” icon to the right, and  type in your blog name, or whatever you want! To keep it simple, I just wrote a “Diana’s Adventures” in WHITE FONT at the bottom! In the future, I’ll teach you how to add stroke, and make more designs but for now… let’s keep it simple! 

about me tutorial

Step 7 ) Save your work!

File > Save as ! You’re all done!


Here are some examples of my previous about me buttons! 

about me 1 me


Additional Resources :

1. Make an image in Picmonkey – No photoshop? No problem! Use this to make your about me image in Picmonkey. An easy video tutorial!

 { Part 2 – How to code your blog button }
Coming soon! 


  1. Jennifer Leigh G. says

    I’ve never heard of this! I’m completely new to blogging and have a LOT to learn. I’m looking forward to part 2! 👍👍

    • glad you liked it Jennifer! once you make your button, I would be more than happy to swap buttons with you! I love your blog and although we’ve only known each other for a short time… you’re always so sweet and supportive!

      • Jennifer Leigh G. says

        That would be wonderful; thank you so much! I’m going to have to figure out a way to make this work. I don’t have photoshop and not having a laptop can make things tricky sometimes, but I’ll figure something out. 😊 I’m going to work on this today.

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  4. This is so useful! I am going to try to do a blog button. 😀 Thanks for liking my post too!

  5. Thank you for this post! I never thought about doing a blog button, but it sounds like such a wonderful idea. I’ll be working on this tomorrow. =)

  6. Rez says

    I have no idea about blog buttons lol but I am reading your posts to learn haha

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