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Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb Review

Lush bathbomb

Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb Review

This is my first bathbomb EVER. So, of course I had high expectations. See Santa? Well, he’s from Rome. That’s right… I bought my bathbomb from Rome because it was basically half off and so cheap that I just had to buy it! Even though he was half off, he was still a bit expensive so I was saving him for a special occasion. When Valentines day came, I took him out from the shelf that he had been sitting on for one long month and brought him along with me to the hotel room. 

Lush bathbomb

Excuse the chipped nails .

Lush bathbomb

So, after drawing a bath – I threw him in. Watching my first ever bathbomb fizzle was such an incredible feeling (weird? I know). Now, while he was fizzing away sorry santa! I kept on imagining all the great things that would come from this $7 dollar bathbomb. Would my skin glow? Would I feel great and smell great? Would my skin be smooth and moisturized?

 Lush bathbomb

Second time I took it out..

Lush bathbomb


Lush bathbomb

Lush bathbomb


Verdict – Just OK

After relaxing for about 30 minutes in my bath; I got up and rinsed myself very quickly because I don’t think its a good idea to lay in your own dirty bath water… right? Maybe this is where I messed up? I smelled pretty nice, but my skin wasn’t dry or soft. I was a bit disappointed actually – I had high expectations for this bathbomb and it did not deliver. Though, I do think it’s nice to purchase one once a month, for it’s stress relieving properties (but I think taking a bath will help with that). For now, I consider it more of a luxury because it’s quite expensive and it’s not needed daily.


  1. Sunday Spa Day says

    Throw some coconut oil in if you need extra moisture. I’ve started doing that with my Epsom salt baths. Works wonders!

  2. Hi Diana. stumbled across your blog in my suggestions list so thought I’d pop over to say hi!! Great review on the bath bomb although shame it didn’t live up to your expectations 😦 I think I’m the only human being who hasn’t ever bought anything from Lush, it’s about high time I gave it a go myself!! 😀 Karen xo

    • Hi Karen! Thanks for visiting 🙂 Haha, I just jumped on the bandwagon recently… if there’s anything you need to try it’s def their masks! I just popped over to your site, and I love your sidebar… so cute!

      • You’re so welcome 🙂 Ooh, thanks for the recommendation – I love face masks so looking forward to giving them a go!! I’ve also heard great things about their lip scrub too! Thank you for the lovely compliment – delighted you like it huni ❤ x

  3. I also consider Lush to be a luxury and not an everyday item. I usually stay in my bath for about an hour if I am using a Lush product and have always had great results. You should definitely try the Comforter Bar, it’s one of my absolute favorites. I just placed an order with Lush over the weekend so I’m hoping for it to arrive soon. Also, I agree with the above poster…throw in some coconut oil, it will help!

    • Thanks for the tip! I def will check out the comforter bar. But, I just saw your tutorial and I think it’s so amazing! I’ll def have to try your tutorial before splurging again 🙂

      • Oh yes, you definitely should! It’s a money saver and they come out exactly like Lush Bubble Bars, if not better 🙂

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