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OCFW – Sugar Rush


O.C. Fashion Week: Sugar Rush

Thanks to Donna, my old boss, I was able to attend OC Fashion Week with Lindsey! We were both excited and didn’t know what to wear and regrettably, I dressed way too casual for the event. Since it was my first time going to a show, I didn’t know what to expect! But, luckily Lindsey had gone to shows before so that made me feel better.

Of course it wasn’t as glamorous as NYFW, but hey.. it’s a start right? We also were introduced to Donna’s new intern, Yu and we all had such a fun time taking photos after the event. Forgive me, my little point + shoot did not hold up to all the action that was happening! Most photos came out too blurry so I didn’t think to put them on the blog.

The event was held in Newport Beach. So, I had my tutoring session, ate dinner with Lindsey at Yardhouse, and headed over. We didn’t know where to park and when we pulled up the guy asked us, Do you want to do Valet or self park? Of course, we didn’t want to do Valet so we drove around trying to find a parking spot. We finally found out that it was free VALET PARKING… why didn’t the guy tell us?! So, we ended up parking through valet.

Once inside, we went along with Donna and found great seats! We were introduced to Yu, but barely had a chance to talk to her since we were preoccupied and sitting a bit far from her. Lindsey and I got to meet some interns at Dailylook, which was ironic because I had searched up open positions there just the day before. They were super friendly, and though we exchanged instagrams – we couldn’t find them afterwards.

Onto the show – It was originally supposed to start at 6:10 PM, but they didn’t start until 7:30! Also, seating was all over the place and we were a bit frustrated at first, but all in all it was a very fun event.


The whole venue was crowded, and there was also a waitress who walked around to serve drinks. The outfits were gorgeous, and all the models looked beautiful. Some of them had a weird way of walking, but I have nothing to compare it to since I’ve never been to a show before.

   9 10 11  13

A model’s heels came undone and I happened to captured the whole thing on camera. She was walking when it came undone, and ended up taking both heels off. She did it very gracefully and was such a quick thinker!

After the event ended (ended before 9) , we made sure to take plenty of photos and go outside. Shows are such a great way to network with other bloggers! I saw so many bloggers that have a huge following on IG and I was so excited!



We heard that there would be a model from America’s Next Top Model but we didn’t know who it was. I saw someone being recorded so I decided to snap a photo. Little did I know, he was the model! I was expecting a girl. Donna, however, got to take a photo with him. So jealous!


We spent the rest of the evening, taking plenty of photos. I love taking photos and hate having photos taken of me, so I was their photographer for the night!



It was weird to think that this place was super crowded just a hour ago. By the time we left, everyone was pretty much gone.


Ending this post with a photo of me + Lindsey!
Pardon me, I just came from a tutoring session and was very underdressed.. 😦 

Hope all of you have a great weekend as well. ❤ 


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